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Our Premium Six-Step Mulch Process

  1. Eliminate Existing Weeds: It is best to kill weeds a week prior to your installation date. We spray any emerging weeds with Lesco Prosecuter Pro, a non-selective herbicide, in addition to manually pull weeds in areas where weed control would be unusable.

  2. Trim Bushes (if necessary): We always recommend trimming all applicable bushes prior to mulching.

  3. Landscape Bed Clean Up: We remove any dead leaves, weeds and any debris produced from the trimming and weed spraying process.

  4. Bed Edging: This is the perfect time to edge your beds, giving them a clean, professional look.

  5. Pre-Emergent Weed Control: We treat all applicable landscape beds with Teflon, a granular pre-emergent weed control product, to help protect against new weed germination.

  6. Mulch Installation: We recommend mulch be installed to uniform three inch depth. This helps to maintain moisture levels in the soil during dry periods and acts as a weed barrier, helping to slow new weed germination.

We offer double shredded hardwood mulch, cedar, and color enhanced mulch in Black, Red, and Brown.

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